Sep 7It Begins
Sep 14Desk Area
Sep 21I Hate Doom
Sep 28Timeskip
Oct 5Buying Friendship
Oct 12Imagine Perfection Personified
Oct 19Brought to You By Vaera
Oct 26You Hurt Me Right Here
Nov 2But It Would Hurt My Feelings
Nov 9Why Do You Lie To Me
Nov 16Those Pinstripes Gotta Go
Nov 23Scary Movie
Nov 30The TV is Haunted
Dec 7How Old Are You
Dec 14No Respect For Donny
Dec 21Some Things Run In The Family
Dec 28The Hall of Portraits


Jan 4Anton Vermoni’s Portrait
Jan 11The Correct Answer is No
Jan 18Special Guest
Jan 25Enter Carmella
Feb 1Stop Apologizing
Feb 8The Vaera Facility
Feb 15Showers
Feb 22Slave Class
Mar 1Fork You
Mar 8My Bad
Mar 15Personality Tropes
Mar 22Enough of This
Mar 29Pretending To Be Real
Apr 5Zapped
Apr 12Meanwhile
Apr 19He Really Likes Monkeys
Apr 26A Horrible Liar
May 3So…That’s a No
May 10All the Little Things
May 17No One Listens to Pipey
May 24Lunchtime
May 31“Sir”?
Jun 7The Masochist Model
Jun 12I Hate People Like You
Jun 21Chapter 0 End
Jun 28Artificial Science 1
Jul 4Artificial Science 2
Jul 5Artificial Science 3
Jul 12Great Minds
Jul 19Logic
Jul 22Packing
Jul 29New Hire
Aug 5This Is a Test, Isn’t It?
Aug 12Crossing Boundaries
Aug 19An Open Door
Aug 27Calculations On The Fly
Sep 2Whoopins an’ Cream
Sep 9Time’s Up
Sep 16Fast Learner Model
Sep 23Into the Hangar
Sep 30The Blancomobile
Oct 7That’s My Car
Oct 14That Didn’t Last Long
Oct 21No One Will Even Notice
Oct 28Call the Doctor
Nov 4Getaway Car
Nov 10Tracking Device
Nov 18Speak Up Stravinsky
Nov 25Driving Off-Road Increases Your Risk Of
Dec 1Crashing
Dec 9Where’s the Anykey?
Dec 19Totalled
Dec 23You’re Me!
Dec 30Long-Lost Twins


Jan 6Recap Theater
Jan 13Get it?
Jan 20Have Fun, Kid
Jan 27Artificial Science: Hover Rings
Feb 2Artificial Science: Phones
Feb 3The Disassembling Chamber
Feb 10Chapter 2 Start
Feb 17Mr. Alien Sir
Feb 24Get Me The Designer
Mar 3Lucie’s Junk
Mar 10Pull Over
Mar 17NO Doctor
Mar 23YES. THAT.
Apr 6A Cakewalk
Apr 8Hardcore Machismo
Apr 13My Fiancé
Apr 23New Friend
Apr 28Dr. Love
May 5The Mob
May 12Are We Conscious Now?
May 19Vampire Bites
May 26His Idea, Not Mine
Jun 2A Professional and Sicilian
Jun 10You Call Me Papa
Jun 15As Long As You’re My Son
Jun 23Artificial Science: Percols
Jun 30Chapter 2 Concepts: Dr. Love
Jul 5Chapter 2 Concepts: Vaera Interior
Jul 6Chapter 2 Concepts: Expressions
Jul 14Just Like School
Jul 25Bully
Aug 1Asking About Outliers
Sep 1Cooking Classes
Sep 1Mangia
Oct 1It’s Very Italian
Oct 1Being the Bad Guy
Oct 1Hook, Line, and Sinker
Oct 1I Know
Nov 1Bollocks
Nov 1One What?
Nov 1Like One of Your Characters
Dec 1Subtle, As Always


Jan 1She’s Beautiful
Jan 1Trainer Tournaments
Jan 31He Won’t Hurt You
Mar 1Worst Customers Ever
Mar 1Horatio, You’re Ranting
Mar 1Couldn’t Get Worse
Apr 1Where Horatio Thinks He’s Going
Apr 1Enjoying the Life of Crime?
Apr 1THE H.R. Nielsen
May 1You’re Italian
May 1Hypothetically
May 1We’re Glad You Think So
May 1Business Mode
Jun 1Sold!
Jun 1Customize Your Best Friend
Jun 1Bugged
Jun 5Interlude: Pipey – Part 1
Jun 12Interlude: Pipey – Part 2
Jun 19Interlude: Pipey – Part 3
Jul 23Interlude: Pipey – Part 4
Aug 4Interlude: Pipey – Part 5
Sep 11Interlude: Pipey – Part 6
Sep 18Interlude: Pipey – Part 7
Sep 25Interlude: Pipey – Part 8
Oct 16Waffle Iron
Oct 23Cleanse This Place!
Oct 30Almost Done
Nov 6Let Me Hate You
Nov 13A Party
Dec 18Woosh