Attack of the speech bubbles!

And once again, the attack of the disappearing flower…sigh.

↓ Transcript
Horatio: Just because I—
Janet: Shut up, Horatio. How much?
Blanco: Since he IS an Outlier, and he has certain quirks, I’ll give you a special discount. Five hundred flat. It’s a good deal.
Lucie: Five hundred credits? Wow, that’s not bad—
Blanco: Five hundred THOUSAND.
Lucie: UWAAAH!
Horatio: …Now just hold on a second. What kind of scam are you trying to pull? This is YOUR research project, isn’t it? It stands to reason that you should be paying ME to field test him.
Blanco: That’s grossly inaccurate. You’re no longer an employee here. Besides—we’re not going to hand you testing scenarios. We’re going to monitor him, like any Outlier, for your safety.
Blanco and Horatio glare.
Horatio: Don’t try to feed me that fine print! I used to work here! That’s almost full price!
Blanco: Fine. For your cooperation, we’ll cut it in half. 250.
Horatio: 10.
Blanco: Surely you jest!
Horatio: Surely not!
Blanco: Preposterous! After all those years in crime, don’t think you can rob ME! I can do 200.
Horatio: Always the stubborn, withered suck-up, aren’t you?! 200 is too high even for YOUR ego!
Blanco: Oh, EGO is it?! And I suppose your world-famous preachy novels are humble pie!!
Horatio: My books are NOT preachy! You haven’t even read them, workaholic!
Blanco: I don’t NEED to! You can’t hold a basic conversation without preaching like a vicar! You’re even asking for donations!