The more I write about Artificials the more I WANT ONE.

But I wouldn’t get a best friend.  I have one of those already.  I’d get a Pipey so he could open jars for me and reach tall shelves. ;-;

↓ Transcript
Lucie: Uwwwwuuuuuuuuhhhhhh... My eyes hurt...
Lucie: Wow...I really look completely different.... (It's a lot to get used to.)
Horatio: (You're the one who wanted them dyed. Suck it up.) ...You look good. I'll have to get you some more clothes, but that'll do for now. They charge you like it's Bisney World here.
Janet: Thanks for the loaners for water boy over here.
Lucie: (It's ALL a lot to get used to. Guess I'm a "slave" now...but...for some reason, it's easier to ask Mr. Nielsen for all these things I always wanted to do. I feel more like my own person than I ever did when I was at home. I decided on this myself. I'm not sure what will happen, but....)
Megana: Good luck in the real world, Xaron.
Lucie: Oh...Miss Meg....
Megana: If you ever need help, you know you can come to us.
Megana: We're your FAMILY.
Don: (There's nothing more important than family.)
Lucie: ...I asked for this.
Lucie: Uh...thanks. I'm ready!