Something something afternoon comic update something about taxes, how many stores does it take to find a lightbulb.

In other news, I can’t seem to decide on one single method for drawing Blanco, his suit, or his facial hair.

↓ Transcript
Blanco: ...Get me The Designer. Now.
Lecrucio: Who’s The Design -
Blanco: Silence.
Blanco: I’m sorry to trouble you…but there’s been an interesting development in the case of Xaron-22. He has displayed some…strange shifts in personality, for one. Beyond that…he seems to have some experiential memory failure. I’m not sure - I can’t get into his filesystem at all.
Blanco: I think perhaps…he’s hit another evolution stage.
Blanco: Siiiiighhhh... I thought you’d say that. Very well. The Designer’s will is absolute.
Blanco: Xaron-22, today, you are very lucky. You get to exist a little longer.
Lecrucio: Really??
Blanco: But mark my words. You are only here for the Designer’s curiosity. The moment you express any signs of free will, disobedience, opinions, or recklessness, I will bring you back to this room, tear your cerebral computer from your skull, and throw it into the incinerator! Do you understand?
Lecrucio: Y-y-yes!!
Blanco: Good.