He is, in fact, SO oblivious that he ignores them accidentally.

↓ Transcript
Horatio: What does THAT have to do with anything?
Blanco: Well, you know, hypothetically—
Megana: Assume you had an Artificial—
Blanco: An Outlier, if you will—
Megana: Who can only cook Italian—
Blanco: But very WELL, mind you—
Megana: Makes mistakes—
Blanco: But only very small ones—
Megana: Has a surprisingly straight-laced attitude towards sex—
Blanco: In fact, is so oblivious, he doesn’t even realize that’s one of his potential functions—
Megana: Claims to be alive—
Blanco: Fears death—
Megana: Shows signs of creativity—
Blanco: And a colorful imagination—
Megana: Tells lies—
Blanco: Albeit terribly—
Megana: Insists upon his status and rights—
Blanco: Which he claims he has—
Megana: And has opinions—
Blanco: On things like…you know…books. You know—
Horatio: Hooooold on a minute. You’re telling me…that this Artificial….
Horatio: …Can just IGNORE his Instinctual Protocols?
Lucie: …What are Instinctual Protocols?
Horatio: The laws of robotics. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not lie. Thou shalt be a mindless slave.
Blanco: That is a GROSS exaggeration of the established principles of—
Megana: —The short answer is…yes. He can.