Lucie doesn’t honestly look all that different.

He’s probably imagining that Pipey was stirring spaghetti sauce with that thing.  Yeah.  This is a family-friendly comic or something.  Yeah.

↓ Transcript
Narrator: Everything that happened in the years that followed...I convinced was for that child's sake.
Narrator: Protecting him was the only protocol I had anymore. My reason for living.
Narrator: No matter what it meant, I couldn't allow harm to come to the family. If anything happened to the family, that tiny boy would be in danger.
Narrator: No matter what, I had to protect him from this cruel world....
Lecrucio: Pipe! That's a pipe!
Pipey: (Oh, no!)
Lecrucio: Pipe! Pipe!
Pipey: (His poor, fragile child psyche! I've wounded it! What have I DONE?!)
Lecrucio: Pipe...PIPEY! Hee hehe~