Wait…Carmella used to SMILE at Lucie sometimes?!  Who knew, right?!

Easier to remember the good parts when she hasn’t yelled at you in a few months, I guess.

↓ Transcript
Lucie: ...I get the feeling Mr. Nielsen and Mr. Blanco have...uh...
Megana: Baggage.
Lucie: Yeah.
Blanco: I'll do 150! Take it or leave it!
Horatio: Not a chance, Blanco. 25, maybe.
Blanco: Horatio, you know I can't do that!
Horatio: Then make me a counter offer.
Blanco: 100. That's my final offer.
Megana: Just making an adjustment, don't worry. Horatio had trouble with Artificials as a boy, and working here didn't help. You'll have to forgive him.
Lucie: Oh...
Megana: But he'll be good to you, Xaron. He's no slave driver.
Horatio: Hm...take it down to 90, and you have a deal.
Blanco: Ohhhhhhh...!!
Lucie: Oh, I know. I'll be okay. I mean...I'm gonna live with Horatio Nielsen and help him right his books! How cool is that? That's 100 times better than....
Lucie: ...Lots of things...
Blanco: FINE! You cheapskate! SOLD!
Horatio: Sold!
Horatio: ...wait.