I love waffles.  I love homemade waffles.  I don’t like potato waffles.  Buttermilk waffles are the best.

Someone once told me they were going to “WFH.”  I was all, “WAFFLE HOUSE?!  I want to go with!” and they were all, “No, working from home, silly.”  And I was all, “These things…they are mutually exclusive?  No comprende….”

↓ Transcript
Horatio: (I ended up getting a lot of work done yesterday, despite what happened.)
Horatio: Guuuuhhh...
Horatio: (I'd rather work than try to make conversation with that...that....
Horatio: ... ... ... ... Where am I?
Lucie: Mr. Niel! Good morning! I found a waffle iron, so I made waffles! Is that okay? (I also found this apron!)
Horatio: ... ... ...I have a waffle iron?