Let it not be said that Lucie’s deductive reasoning or genre savvy is anywhere near average.

Sorry for the short hiatus…lots of things going on.  Hopefully this is the last of it.

↓ Transcript
Horatio: I completely forgot about my godfather's party! Behave yourself, okay? No matter what!
Lucie: Oh man.
Horatio: Don't freak out.
Lucie: I'm not freaking out!

Horatio: Just...try to be sensitive. The party's for my godfather's son - he just got out of the hospital. Apparently he got in a bad car crash a few months back and lost his memory. The family's pretty easy to insult, but keep your head down and you'll be fine.

Lucie: ...A car crash...?! Your godfather's son?!

Lucie: Man. I hope he's okay.