I decided we don’t have enough webcomics on the internet, so I’ve created one as well.

One day, I watched a music video, and tried to make sense of it.  This was my first mistake.  From the nonsensical imagery, I imagined a world of artificial, mass-produced people, which were then sold as slaves.  I imagined a premise for the story, where an artificial person was switched with a real one.  I then tossed this story in the scrap pile, because it was sci-fi and I was a fantasy writer, and I had no other ideas for the story anyway.

Some time later, I watched a mobster film that I actually enjoyed.  It took the dark subject matter and made light of it, and felt satirical rather than depressing and gritty, while still invoking deep questions about the characters and their decisions.  It was inspiring, but as far as story went, I was once again walking in unexplored territory.  Organized crime wasn’t my schtick.

Then I wondered what would happen if I pulled that old “artificial people” story off the back burner and combined the two ideas.  Suddenly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

And that’s the story of how I created a monster.

About the Author

My name’s Gene Markey.  I’m a programmer by day, and webcomic artist by night.  The programmer part is what allows me to eat food and sleep under a roof while I do the other thing.

Other unrelated facts: I’m a lady, a music nerd, a DM, and a gamer, and anyone who tells you those don’t exist is misinformed and unfortunate.  STR 5 DEX 17 CON 8 INT 14 WIS 15 CHA 12, Bard, stealth/illusionist build. I’m a generalist rather than a specialist, so I know I can do anything, but that doesn’t mean I should.  I’m too restless to sit through film marathons.  Sometimes I forget that humans require food to live.  My record for fiction words written in a single day is 15,000.  I’m allergic to mint.  Shopping for toothpaste is an aggravating process.

I’ll be updating the site as I go, so please bear with me as I work out the bugs.  Since I do programming as my job, I don’t really want to worry about code during my special comic time…but I have this urge to optimize….