Right now, Falser Faker is updating…

On the first of every month – multiple pages at once!

This is sort of a weird update schedule.  The way this works is….

  • There will be comics posted on the first of each month.
  • The number of pages will vary.  There will ALWAYS be one, but there will probably be four (one per week as normal), and perhaps as many as eight (two per week) or even more!

So for readers, this means you get several pages at once, and you only need to check the site once per month.  You can get the story in whole chunks instead of small, out-of-context snippets.  Hopefully, that’ll make each update more enjoyable and exciting!  And all said, on average, you’ll get the same amount of content.  But sometimes, you’ll get extra!

For the artist, that means I can work when I’m at my best, and the comics and updates will be higher quality because of it.  In theory, I can be more efficient and put out more content.  In addition, this gives me the freedom to make exceptionally long or short pages, because that’s where the natural break in the story falls.  So, in a single update, I could put up two-three very long pages or six very short pages, and it all comes out in the wash.

Let’s try this and see how it works out!  Since this is sort of something no one’s tried before (that I know of), I’d love to get your feedback.  Feel free to comment!